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Integrated Cannabis Payments for Dispensaries

BLAZEPAY is the leading integrated payment platform for cannabis transactions that increases average order values, eliminates manual entry errors, and supports budtender tipping, all while ensuring the retailer gets paid on time, all the time.

ACH Payments

A secure and quick way for customers to make direct payments from their bank account.

Cashless ATM

Commonly used debit transactions that mimic ATM withdrawals that round to the nearest $5 increment.

Cashless Cannabis Payments Benefits

Fully Integrated Solution
Optimize Payments
Improve Checkout
Enable Better Fulfillment

ACH Payments

See your sales spike with bigger baskets and reduce ticket times with pre-paid online orders. ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments process transactions electronically from bank to bank, meaning you get your funds quickly and directly.

Customers can pay securely via embedded e-commerce checkout* or an SMS text message for pickup, in-store, or delivery orders.

(*with BLAZE ECOM)

Cashless ATM

This payment method rounds the order total to the nearest $5 increment and allows customers to use their debit cards in the same way they would make an ATM withdrawal. They insert their debit card, enter their PIN, and receive the remainder back as cash.

Features That Matter


35% Increase in Basket Size

48-Hour Reconciliation Time

200%+ Increase in Budtender Tips

What are the Benefits of BLAZEPAY?

Hear how Haven Dispensary reduced transaction times and improved the customer experience with BLAZEPAY.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • While many competing programs claim compliance, very few providers actually offer compliance that is truly above board. Ours maximizes your uptime and minimizes your risk because:
    • The sponsor bank that funds the transaction must meet BSA expectations regarding cannabis-related businesses.
    • The Acquirer must work in full transparency regarding the source of a transaction.
    • The business’ depository bank must have a compliant BSA/AML program following FinCEN’s guidance as it pertains to banking cannabis-related businesses.
    • The card brands must be notified that the Sponsor Bank is supporting cannabis.
  • In summary, our program is transparent about the nature of cannabis transactions being processed from the merchant, to the tech provider, to the processor, and to the bank.
  • Our fees vary from program to program and largely depend on your goals, volume, and methods of fulfillment.
  • Talk to one of our payments sales experts to create a custom quote that works best for your business


You keep 100% of your convenience fees you charge your customers and can change your convenience fee amount at any time.

Depending on the program, all of our payments programs settle directly to your bank account between 1-3 business days.

Depending on the program, approval & onboarding can happen in a matter of days. Our team will collaborate with you to satisfy your application requirements so that you can begin processing as quickly as possible.

Yes. Customers can pay for delivery orders online when they checkout with the BLAZE ECOM™ ACH Integration. Delivery drivers can also process Pin Debit transactions through BLAZEPAY with 5G enabled mobile debit terminals.

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